Gold Class Hair Extensions  

Gold Class polymer bonds have the same attributes as your own hair & scalp and have been developed to gently hold to the hair without causing any damage. Pre-bonded extensions can be very discreet and help move with your own hair to give a natural look and feel. 
Gold Class Offer 15 shades to naturally blended for a perfect colour match 

Great Lengths Hair Extensions  

Great Lengths was first introduced in England in 1996 and became the leading hair Extension Company in the UK. Richard and Simon became ambassadors with the company attending many shows in London and abroad, demonstrating the superb quality of these extensions. They were the very first ethically sourced human hair. They now have over 70 shades to choose from and 15 of which are fantasy shades. 
A full consultation is required before to assess your requirements, this consultation is complimentary. 
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Gold class hair extensions
Great Lengths Hair Extensions
As a more mature client I am very pleased with how natural my Gold extensions look and feel. They dry and style easily and day to day management is just a good brush a few times a day. I believe this is down to the quality of the hair itself as well as the expert work of my stylist, Jade. Previous extensions took considerably longer to dry. A result of being more porous I’m told. They also took a lot of straightening if I wanted to achieve that look. With these I just set them on really large rollers and when I take them out the hair is smooth and sleek and bouncy. Less heat means that my natural hair is less stressed. 
I have had many compliments on how good my hair looks now. My friends are genuinely amazed when I reveal how it’s achieved. They would never have suspected had I not told them. 
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