The best hair colouring expertise in Bristol using Wella Illumina

At Stages Hair Design we take hair colouring very seriously for our clients at our Bristol hair salons – and our expertise shines through.

Mainly because of the decades of experience our Creative Directors Richard and Simon have in this area of hairdressing, but also due to the outstanding hair colouring products we use in-salon to give clients amazing results.

The hair colouring products we recommend are Wella Illumina and after many years of preparing clients for catwalk shows, theatre productions and high-profile events, we only use the very best – to ensure our hair colouring services are exemplary.

We feel, for our regular clients, that nobody should have just one hair colour – given the frequency with which clients changes their wardrobes, clothing colour schemes, and the ongoing requirements of fashion season-by-season, hair colour should also be a flexible and adaptable part of an overall look.

Professional hair colouring, therefore, should be mindful of current trends – which is why we recommend that a client considers a new hair colour every 4-6 months, to compliment their changing wardrobe and fashion needs.

Too often, clients in the past have retained the same hair colour for 3-5 years – we feel that this doesn’t do them, their wardrobe, or the potential of their hair colouring any justice.

And, in line with our hair colouring advice at our Bristol hair salons, we use Wella Illumina hair colouring products due to the fact that these products have been developed over 20 years of research.

Our clients benefit hugely, too – with the Illumina hair colour range, for example, hair colours are different shades dependant on the light source. The hair colour thus varies in natural light, in artificial light, and even in different coloured light. The results for the client’s hair are truly sensational!

If you have any queries about our hair colouring services in Bristol, please feel free to get in touch here.

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