Stages Hair Design welcomes you to our Bristol hairdressing blog

Stages Hair Design is pleased to welcome you to our new
hairdressing blog from expert creative stylists in Bristol.

Written exclusively by hairdressing experts Richard and Simon, also the
Directors of two hair salons in Bristol under the Stages Hair Design
Brand, the aim of our new hairdressing blog is to provide readers with hints
and tips on the very best in hairdressing advice in Bristol.

As the designated deliverers of Great Lengths training for hair
extensions across the South West region, Richard and Simon are
also significant profiles for the National Hairdressers Federation in

Richard has specialist expertise in the art of hair extensions, whilst Simon
has spent his professional hairdressing career focusing on hair colouring
excellence, working with top quality hair products from Wella.

Both are well-known hairdressers, giving time, energy and expertise to their
salon teams and up-and-coming hair stylists in Bristol.

In the following weeks, we’ll be looking at blog topics such as:

  • How to find the best hair extension services in Bristol
  • Why we can prevent thinning hair for clients – forever
  • What to look for in a hair colouring stylist in Bristol


We hope that you enjoy our hairdressing blog, and feel free to leave
comments, queries and questions. You can also follow us on Twitter
and Facebook too, to get our latest hairdressing tips.

If you have any queries about our hairdressing services in Bristol, please feel
free to get in touch.


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