Stages Hair Design gets involved in Bristol hair competition

At Stages Hair Design, we’ve been heavily involved in helping to promote the work of the National Hairdressers Federation (NHF) for some time now – our Creative Director Richard Hillier is Chairman of the Avon branch of NHF.

So, it’s with great pleasure that the first NHF Hair Competition in Avon for 25 years will be happening this month – and, of course, Stages Hair Design will be there!

At the Paintworks on 28th April, hairdressing talent from across Bristol will be competing in an ‘Alternative Hair Competition’ to showcase and highlight the very best new hairstyles and creative cuts.

Importantly, this Avon NHF Competition will be open to hairdressers who haven’t tried any hair competitions in the past, and we’ll be hoping to encourage fresh, new, young hairdressing talent to come along and shine.

The Alternative Hair Competition will start at 3pm on the Sunday, and we’re also expecting a big crowd of spectators to attend, too.

We’re expecting to see some incredible new hairstyles on the day! For further details and a booking form, visit the NHF here, or email us at for more information about the day.

If you have any queries about our Bristol hair salons, please feel free to get in touch here.

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