Leading hair thinning treatment technology at our Bristol hair salons

At Stages Hair Design, we’ve been increasingly busy following the recent launch of our hair thinning treatments in our Bristol hair salons, using industry-leading tools and technology from Nioxin.

And it’s with great pleasure that we can announce our hair thinning treatments at our two Bristol hair salons are now assisted further, with the delivery last week of a Nioscope, for detailed examination of clients’ scalps during hair consultations.

The Nioscope is an incredible piece of technology, allowing us to take micro-detailed pictures of the scalp and identify skin issues in the scalp such as blocked follicles.

This ability to see the skin in such detail means that our hair thinning treatments are focused on providing the right treatment for each client, enabling us to look at skin problems first as a part of our hair thinning treatment using the Nioscope microscopic search tool.

The images provided by the Nioscope can seem quite scary, but we always examine a client’s skin and scalp first, to establish the causes for thinning hair, before commencing the appropriate treatment using Nioxin products.

And, because the technology is tried-and-tested, we’re able to offer guaranteed results for our clients, too. The new Nioscope device is brilliant!

If you have any queries about our hair thinning treatments using Nioxin at our Bristol hair salons, please feel free to get in touch here.

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