How to find the best hair extension services in Bristol

Stages Hair Design have a national and international reputation for delivering outstanding hair extension services from our hair salons in Bristol – including Richard being asked to lecture on the subject in America.

Furthermore, Richard and Simon are the designated expert providers of hair extension services across the South West region for Great Lengths, too.

There’s a great article here about the benefits and growth in popularity of hair extensions for women. The trend is increasing, as celebrities continue to sport superb, beautiful and gorgeous hair extensions in public.

The art of hair extensions has always been vital for the fashion industry, and Richard and Simon have been involved in providing professional hair extension services for stage shows, theatre productions, and catwalk launches across Bristol, the wider UK and abroad for decades. We’ve seen it all!

Whilst some critics of hair extensions claim hair extensions are more trouble than they’re worth, we believe that using expert hair extension hair stylists to craft stunning hair extensions can transform any woman.

And not just transformations for stage shows and catwalk events, either – but for women looking to create an incredible new look for their hair, too.

We love the versatility and stylishness of well-created hair extensions, and our passion for this hairdressing skill is clear to see when our hair extension clients walk out of our hair salons in Bristol.

Nothing beats pure passion for hairdressing excellence, and it can’t be faked.

There’s some really useful information here from Great Lengths, which we strongly recommend for those considering hair extensions in Bristol.

If you have any queries about our hair extension services in Bristol, please feel free to get in touch here.

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