Half price Nioxin Dermabrasion treatments available in Bristol now

With the onset of Winter weather, it’s that time of year when we start to see clients with dry scaling by heat – and the need to provide scalp cleaning treatments becomes more popular at our Bristol hair salons.

And for any clients wanting better scalp condition, we recommend a Dermabrasion treatment from the Nioxin range of hair thinning productsfind out more here.

dermabrasion treatment in Bristol

Dermabrasion treatments are ideal for cleaning the scalp of all hair products including gels and sprays, as well as delivering a better overall appearance for hair.

Dermabrasion is also used to help with certain medical skin and scalp conditions, including dry skin, dry scaling by heat, psoriasis and eczema – find out more about Nioxin’s Dermabrasion treatment benefits here.

To encourage clients to take better care of their scalps, and to promote healthier hair follicles, we’re giving you a great offer on our Dermabrasion treatments at either of our central Bristol hair salons.

Simply quote ‘Derma’ when you make your booking with us to get 50% off before we close for Christmas! Offer is subject to availability on booking.

If you have any queries about our Bristol hair salons, please feel free to get in touch here.

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