Guaranteed treatment for thinning hair problems in Bristol

One of the most common client hair problems we come across at Stages Hair Design is that of thinning hair – in both men and women in Bristol.

There are many possible causes of thinning hair, such as Genetics, Stress, Nutrition/Dietary, Health issues, Environmental Factors and Medication.

Losing hair is a difficult experience for any male or female client – which is why we’re so excited to be able to now offer guaranteed results in-salon with an incredible hair thinning treatment from the USA.

Our expert hair stylists are trained in using a revolutionary new system called Nioxin which has taken the hairdressing industry by storm in the States.

It’s been so successful over there, that we’re able to offer a money-back Guarantee with hair thinning treatment from our Bristol hair salons, too.

The Nioxin hair thinning treatment system looks at the various potential causes of losing hair, thinning hair, and reduced thickness of hair – starting with a consultation in-salon.

During our expert hair consultation, we look at the scalp, review the client history of hair loss, and discover key factors such as when the hair loss started and determine why hair is not growing back to replace it.

The Nioxin system for treating hair thinning has already been a huge hit with our clients, and we’re offering a free blowdry as a part of the initial treatment for all clients during October.

Simply quote ‘hair thinning treatment blog offer’ when you book your initial consultation with us. We’re confident that our treatment can help.

If you have any queries about our hair thinning treatment in Bristol, please feel free to get in touch here.

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