Exclusive blog offer on male hair enhancements at our Bristol hair salons

Although not many of our clients realise it, at Stages Hair Design this week, we also provide male hair enhancements – in fact, our male hair enhancement service in Bristol is an increasingly popular hair salon treatment.

We had a recent client example that was a fantastic case study, as the picture below highlights:

male hair exhancements in Bristol

The male client had fine hair, and brought with him a picture of a curly avante garde look he really wanted us to emulate for him.

He’d been to several hair extension salons in Bristol – and nobody advised him that he would need his hair to be curled first, to match the hair extension curl. On getting our expert hairdressing advice, he booked the service with us.

He had two appointments – the first to curl his hair, and the second to apply the male hair enhancements and get the overall look cut and styled.

The client received hairdressing expertise from three different stylists – Richard who delivered the perm, Jade who applied the hair extensions, and then Simon who cut the finished look. Three hairdressing specialists in one!

Because the client had travelled 50 miles by train to see us, we gave him a £50 discount on the male hair enhancement, costing him only £125.

You can get the same £50 deal, too, if you quote ‘SHD enhancements’ in either of our Bristol hair salons when you book with us.

If you have any queries about our Bristol hair salons, please feel free to get in touch here.

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