Amazing hair extensions case study in Bristol using Great Lengths

One of our most popular hairdressing services provided at Stages Hair Design, are our hair extensions using Great Lengths.

As recognised industry experts for hair extension services in Bristol, we’ve found clients coming back to us year after year, and a recent client example is worth highlighting further here, to demonstrate our commitment to quality.

Annette, a long-standing client of eight years, travels 40 miles from Taunton to get her hair extension work delivered by us from our Bristol hair salons. The results over time have been spectacular, and a testimony to both our creative stylists and the excellent hair extension products from Great Lengths.

After an initial hair consultation, we recommended that Annette had her previous hair extensions removed, and a full 12 months of hair rejuvenation treatments should follow, to prepare her for any further hair extension work.

Her hair was in terrible condition, but after 11 months, she got back in touch with us and asked if she could have another hair consultation. Following this visit, we put in our own hair extensions, and advised on hair maintenance.

Now, Annette comes to see us at our Bristol hair salon every 3-6 months for hair extension replacements, and hair maintenance visits.

Because she takes such good care of her extensions, she only loses 3-4 extensions, and is one of our favourite hair extension clients.



The ‘before and after’ pictures above really highlight the outstanding hair extension work we deliver in our Bristol hair salons using Great Lengths products, too!

If you have any queries about our Bristol hair salons, please feel free to get in touch here.

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